PhD Dissertations

  • Sai Chandana Divi – March 2022
    “Scan-based immersed isogeometric analysis” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Alfredo Castrogiovanni – July 2021
    “Reduced Order Homogenization for Multiscale Analysis of Nonlinear Composites” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Mauro Murer – July 2021
    “Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations of Laser Metal Deposition process exploring open source software” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Kayalvizhi Lakshmanan – July 2021
  • Alessia Patton – April 2021
    “Advanced isogeometric methods with a focus on composite laminated structures” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Giovanni Maria Formato – February 2021
    “Carotid artery and stenting: from geometrical analysis to computational hemodynamics” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Karim El-Ghamrawy – February 2021
    “Proper Generalized Decomposition solutions for composite laminates with parametrized fibre orientations for fast computations” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Lorenzo Casagrande – March 2020
    “3D Concrete Printing: a new Era in Construction Industry” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Massimo Carraturo – March 2020
    “Modelling, Validation, and Design for Additive Manufacturing – Applications of numerical methods to 3D printing processes” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Alberto Pedro Sibileau – September 2019
    “Computational Vademecums for Lattice Materials using algebraic PGD” (Thesis, Presentation)
  • Margherita Coda – February 2019
    “Advanced patient-specific modeling and analysis of complex aortic structures by means of Isogeometric Analysis” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Alberto Cattenone – February 2019
    “Analysis and Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Rodrigo Romarowski – March 2018
    “Moving Computational Tools for Aortic Disease from the Bench to the Bedside” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Valentina Mercuri – March 2018
    “Form and structural optimization: from beam modeling to 3D printing of reinforced concrete members” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Gianluca Alaimo – March 2018
    “Material behavior and manufacturing solutions for biomedical applications: from computational optimization to 3D printing” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Xi Zou – March 2018
    “Simulation Tools for Biomechanical Applications with PGD-Based Reduced Order Models” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Tuong Hoang – February 2018
    “Isogeometric and immersogeometric analysis of incompressible flow problems” (Thesis)
  • Isabella Sani – June 2017
    “Selective Laser Melting process simulation: advancements towards a cost-effective model” (Thesis)
  • Ericka Brivadis – January 2017
    “Isogeometric mortar methods with applications in contact mechanics” (ThesisPresentation)
  • Elisa Boatti – January 2016
    “Shape Memory Materials: constitutive modeling for advanced applications” (Thesis, Presentation)
  • Chiara Trentin – January 2016
    “An automatic tool for thoracic aorta segmentation and 3D geometric analysis” (Thesis, Presentation)
  • Andrea Montanino – January 2016
    “The modified finite particle method in the context of meshless methods” (Thesis, Presentation)
  • Mauro Ferraro – January 2015
    “Advanced Modeling of Stents: from constitutive modeling to biomedical (isogeometric) analysis” (Thesis, Presentation)
  • Adrien Lefieux – January 2015
    “On the use of anisotropic triangles in an immersed finite element approach with application to fluid-structure interaction problems” (Thesis, Presentation)
  • Carolina Ferrazzano – January 2014
    “Computational modeling of coronary stenting: from image processing to clinical evaluation” (Thesis)
  • Giuseppe Balduzzi – October 2013
    “Beam Models: Variational Derivation, Analytical and Numerical Solutions” (Thesis)
  • Simone Morganti – February 2012
    “Finite Element Analysis of Aortic Valve Surgery” (Thesis)
  • Michele Conti – February 2011
    “Finite Element Analysis of Carotid Artery Stenting” (Thesis)
  • Jamal Arghavani – September 2010
    “Thermo-mechanical behavior of shape memory alloys under multiaxial loadings: constitutive modeling and numerical implementation at small and finite strains” (Thesis)
  • Gabriele Attanasi – August 2009
    “An Innovative Superelastic System for Base Isolation” (Thesis)
  • Edoardo Artioli – June 2006
    “Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of a New Class of Exponential-Based Integration Alghoritms for Elastoplasticity” (Thesis)
  • Davide Fugazza – August 2005
    “Use of Shape-Memory Alloy Devices in Earthquake Engineering: Mechanical Properties, Advanced Constitutive Modelling and Structural Applications” (Thesis)
  • Alessandro Reali – August 2005
    “Advanced Computational Techniques for the Study of Traditional and Innovative Seismic Devices” (Thesis)
  • Damian Grant – May 2005
    “Modelling and Analysis of High-damping Rubber Bearings for the Seismic Protection of Bridges” (Thesis)
  • Carlo Callari – February 1997
    “Modellazione elasto-plastica in deformazioni finite delle argille tenere: Aspetti teorici e computazionali” (Thesis)

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