NL Courses

We are extremely glad to announce that the NL Course is back. Next edition will be held May 16-20, 2022.

The NL Course is a course on Nonlinear Computational Solid & Structural Mechanics held every two years in Pavia. The event is organized in 5 days, with lessons, interactive sessions, and tutorials based on the use of different softwares. A special focus will be given to FEAP personal version or simple in-house codes written in Matlab or Maple.

The NL course has a very high scientific profile due to the expertise of the professors and to the discussed topics, ranging from classical basics to the most advanced state-of-the-art of linear and nonlinear computational mechanics.
Moreover, the course has a strong international character in terms of teaching body, including renown experts from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Stuttgart, along with professors from academic institutions in Pavia.