Michele Conti

Associate Professor
of Industrial Bioengineering
Unit Coordinator – UO3

Bianca Pane

Vascular Surgeon
Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery
Project PI – UO1

Giovanni Spinella

Vascular Surgeon
Researcher vascular surgery
Unit Member – UO1

Alice Finotello

Biomedical Engineer, PhD
Medical Image Analysis
Unit Member – UO1

Martina Pulze

Research Fellow
Data management and medical image analysis
Unit Member – UO1

Giancarlo Salsano

Unit Coordinator – UO2

We are a multidisciplinary group composed by surgeons, physicians, and engineers that collaborates since 2015 and deals with medical image processing and analysis, biomechanics and fluid dynamics applied to the vascular field.

The processing and analysis of medical images, also using artificial intelligence techniques, allows to derive models and to derive diagnostic, monitoring and evaluation information on the main aortic and peripheral pathologies.In-silico medicine area of interest we aim, through numerical simulations, to investigate the mechanical and fluid-dynamic behavior of endovascular prosthetic devices inside the target vessels.