Research Topics

  • Medical Image Processing. Patient-specific 3D vascular models are created from multimodal medical image fusion. In particular, the CT scan and the IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound) frames are used to create accurate 3D models of the aortic root and coronary arteries in order to study the cross sectional area changes along the intramural tract of the anomalous coronary artery. 
  • Structural Analysis. Finite element computational simulations are able to provide useful information about the mechanical response of the coronary wall and the subsequent coronary lumen reduction during aortic expansion.
  • Fluid dynamics Analysis. Computational fluid dynamic simulations can support the structural analysis elucidating changes in coronary blood flow caused by the reduction of the coronary lumen in the intramural tract.
  • Myocardial oxygen consumption. The assessment of myocardial oxygen consumption at different levels of effort through mathematical modeling can permit to quantify the ischemic risk associated with the studied anomaly.