Our new digital infusion controller was tested by caregivers

In another  round of assessment, we invited the clinical partners of the Digital Smart Fluidics project from Policlinico San Matteo Hospital to continue the development and testing of our infusion devices. We held two parallel sessions at UniPV where all the stakeholders of the project were involved.

In the first session our newly developed infusion controller was successfully tested by clinicians and nurses. We created a realistic set-up using patient simulators featuring IV accesses, where our team verified the usability of the device, disposables, mobile application and web interface. Caregivers performed the basic infusion tasks that are carried out in the hospital and gave great feedback on our platform.

In the second session, we showed the experts in home enteral nutrition the novel capabilities of our first benchtop prototype. When completed, it will replace current peristaltic enteral pumps to give patients better homecare.

Besides the thanking our other partners from the DSF consortium (Fluid-o-Tech, SIDAM, PrimaLAB and MC2), we much appreciated the fruitful presence of CWS and SaluberMD who helped us reaching this milestone.

June 16, 2021

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