Maiale Days

Maiale Day – June 24, 2013

A preliminary test of the mock circulatory system has been performed on a pig aorta harvested in a local slaughterhouse. The goal of the experiment was the feasibile assessment of the ex-vivo samples to the pulsatile hydraulic loop. Such a preliminary test is the base for further investigation of more complex and realistic situation, e.g., stent graft delivery in the aorta. Special acknowledgement: Dr. S Trimarchi, Dr. F. Secchi and medical student staff to support the surgical repair and preparation of the aortic sample.

Maiale Day – July 29, 2013

The experiment aims at reproducing an aortic dissection. This pathological condition starts from a tear in the inner aortic wall, that causes the blood to flow between the layers of the aortic wall. We created an ex-vivo aortic dissection model by suturing two pig aorta and we made three tears between true and false lumen. The model was connected to the hydraulic circuit to get the pressures in both true and false lumen.

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