NL 16 Accommodations

Attendees have to proceed with personal reservations in one of the student houses or hotels in Pavia.
Information on student houses
For a room in the “public” colleges please send an email to or and ask to check if there is a room in one of their colleges. Otherwise it can be possible directly contact each college for asking the availability of a room. Here you can find all the email addresses of the Edisu colleges:


For a room in the “private” colleges the addresses for checking the availability are:

The colleges that are at walking distance from the course venue are: Residenza Golgi 1, Residenza Golgi 2, and Collegio Volta in the first list, and Collegio Nuovo and Residenza Biomedica in the second list. In any case Pavia is a small city and with the bus you can reach the campus from everywhere.

Hotel information