NL 12 Travel Info

Reaching Pavia by flight:
The three closest airports are: Orio al Serio airport (near Bergamo), Malpensa airport and Linate airport (near Milan). From each of them Pavia can be easily reached by train/taxi/pullman or by renting a car. Please refer to the following links for more information about travelling to and from Pavia.

Transport informations from and to Orio al Serio International Airport:

Transport informations from and to Malpensa International Airport:
Pavia can be reached from Malpensa Airport by taxi or train. To connect by train, there are 3 options: the first one is to take the train from Milano Malpensa to Milano CentraleRailway Station and then from Milano Centrale to Pavia. For the times of the trips please refer to the website:
Otherwise you can take the Malpensa Express ( departing from Terminal 1 every 30 minutes for Milano Cardorna Railway Station, then change there for the Milan Subway system, ‘Metropolitana’, and go to Milano Centrale Railway Station and then take the train to Pavia.
Another option is Malpensa-Shuttle ( bus service from Milano Malpensa Terminals 1 & 2 to Milano Centrale railway station. Buses depart every 20 minutes and take about 50 minutes. Tickets must be purchased at Malpensa Airport Terminals or on-line ( Then take the train to Pavia.
Trains From Milano Centrale Railway Station to Pavia depart every 30 minutes and the trip should take less than 30 minutes. The combined duration of the trip from Malpensa to Pavia by train should be about 2 hours.
An alternative is to take a taxi (the trip would take at least 1h15m), but this option could be quite expensive.
For more details see transport information at the following link:

Transport informations from and to Linate International Airport:

Reaching Pavia by train:
Pavia can be also easily reached by train from every site in Europe. For more informations click the following link: