Seminars 21/02/2023 at 11.00 at the DICAr

Topology optimization and its application to additive manufacturing

Junji Kato, Department of Civil Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan
Abstract: Topology optimization is a powerful design tool and is used in various engineering disciplines. In particular, recently, topology optimization has been actively researched and developed in consideration of the high affinity with additive manufacturing. In this presentation, we will show various examples of topology optimization calculations considering the application to additive manufacturing.
Seminars 21/02/2023 at 11.00 at the DICAr

Crack-phase field model combined with finite cover method for strong discontinuity representation

Kenjiro Terada, International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University, Japan
Abstract: A transition scheme from diffusive to discrete crack topologies is proposed by the combined use of crack phase-field theory and the finite cover method for a strong discontinuity representation.  The proposed scheme can trace an actual crack path as closely as possible and stably update its explicit crack surfaces even in a large deformation regime. several representative numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the performance and capability of the proposed scheme.
Seminars 21/02/2023 at 11.00 at the DICAr
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