LeapFrog Creatr

This 3D printer is based on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technique: the printer builds the object by laying down layers of molten plastic material throughout a nozzle. This is a medium resolution 3D printer, with a layer resolution that ranges between 50 µm and 350 µm (a typical value is 200 µm). The build size is very wide, with a maximum dimension of 230 x 270 x 200 mm. This printer is equipped with a dual extruder, that allows the simultaneous printing of two building materials at a time or of one building material plus support material at a time. For technical specification about Leapfrog Creatr click here.

The available printing materials are:

  • ABS, strong material, suitable for surface post-processing. Indicated for small objects. Available in many colours.
  • PLA, biodegradable material, for smooth finishing. Suitable for large objects can be also used as support material for ABS. Available in many colours.
  • Nylon, very strong material that can withstand much more pressure than other materials.
  • Laybrick, printing filament with small laybrick fibers that make the 3D object look like made from sandstone.
  • PVA, water soluble material to be used as support material