MTS Insight System 10 kN

The MTS Insight Testing Systems 10 kN (MTS System Corporation) is designed for medium-force testing applications. The MTS system performs standard tests such as peel, tear, shear, tensile, compression, and flex/bend. More advanced tests can also be performed, such as creep, stress relaxation, and multi-cycle. The MTS system consists of a double-column load frames and a moving solid steel cross head (Fig. 1a). The MTS system is equipped by wedge and pneumatic grips (Fig. 1b and Fig.1c) for testing hard and soft materials, respectively. A load-cell anchored to the cross-head detects the applied loads during testing. Two cells, respectively, of 10 kN and 250 N are supplied with the device (Fig. 1d and Fig.1e). The ME-46 Video Extensometer measures with accurate resolution the specimen deformations.

Figure 1. (a) MTS Insight 10 kN testing device. (b) Wedge grip and (c) pneumatic grip. (d) Load cell of 10 kN and (e) load cell of 250 N. (f) Video extensometer.