3D Model Muscle Fiber

The sweden company, Cellink AB, published on its website a research activity about 3D bioprinting of muscle cells. The activity was carried out by CompMech Group (Prof. F. Auricchio, Dr. M. Conti, Dr. S. Marconi and Eng. F. Scocozza) and Regenerative Medicine Lab. (Prof. G. Cusella, Prof. M. Sampaolesi, Dr. F Ronzoni, Dr. G. Ceccarelli and L. Benedetti).

The study aims at 3D bioprinting murine myoblasts (C2C12) to study cells differentiation and muscle fiber physiology by 3D modelling.

We achieved optimal printability, excellent viability, good level of myotube formation, and good immunofluorescence analysis and RNA extraction.

For more detail see the Cellink website.

February 25th, 2019

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